Tonia Buxton

Cook / Nutritionist / Writer

Best-selling author Tonia Buxton is a Presenter, Historian, Writer, Pro-aging advisor, Gourmet Cook, Nutritionist  and health hacker, which she balances with being a wife and mum of four.

Straight-talking Tonia has always been a trailblazing cook with a no-compromise attitude when it comes to good food and good nutrition. Her highly acclaimed 5th book ‘The Secret of Spice’ was released last year full of tasty recipes to spice things up! It was a number 1 best seller and is now in its third re-print.

The consultant chef for The Real Greek restaurants, Tonia is credited with turning the brand around 9 years ago, insisting on the authenticity of recipes, ingredients and re-inventing the menu seasonally to reflect new and exciting dishes from her ancestral homeland. Alongside the breadth of recipes from all over Greece and Cyprus Tonia has launched a full vegan menu there, which highlights the Greek vegan tradition.

In 2006 Tonia won an RTS award for a series she devised for the Discovery Channel ‘My Greek Kitchen’ series 1 & 2 and she then filmed ‘My Cypriot Kitchen’, which was shown in 35 countries globally. Previous to presenting & producing this she had presented many other shows including ‘Beauty and the Feast’.

Today, Tonia is regularly seen as a contributor on ‘GMB’, ‘Saturday Kitchen’, ‘Lorraine’ and ‘Sunday Brunch’. She was also the face of ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ 100 day diet plan ‘Eat More Lose More’, which followed the popular ‘Sugar-Free Summer’ campaign the previous year. Tonia has also chatted with Philip & Holly on This Morning about how spices can revolutionise your life.

The Cypriot beauty is a qualified nutritionist and is fast becoming the go-to girl for expert food and nutrition advice, Tonia is an anti-aging expert, with tips & tricks to keep you looking & feeling young, both inside & out. She is also a speaker on how to think yourself young, what it is to be a mother & woman. Proving that you can be 50 and look & feel more fabulous than ever!

Her fourth book ‘The Real Greek’ (bringing to life the history of the restaurants) followed best seller ‘Eat Greek For A Week’, which shot to number two in the Amazon Bestsellers list just behind Jamie Oliver in the summer of 2016! The book promises to make you feel fitter and healthier in just a week.

Tonia receives emails and requests from New Zealand to Kazakhstan, from Hong Kong to Australia regarding her culinary knowledge and is very proud to be the Ambassador of Hellenic cuisine globally.

Passionate about Greek food having done her apprenticeship from a very young age in her Mother’s kitchen, Tonia believes Greek food is a big undiscovered secret, but not just the food, the philosophy for life, the spirit & the way of living is a wonderful example of how to live well in the modern world.

Tonia is also an activist who was snapped up by GB News to help launch the channel presenting their live weekly topical news debate show Saturday Selection with Esther McVey.

Her Hellenic heritage has led Tonia to become a fierce advocate for returning the Parthenon Marbles and she remains a passionate supporter all things Greek and Cypriot: food, culture, music and history. Today she lives in London with her husband and four children and welcomes new challenges and broadcasting opportunities.


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